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What is the APTA House of Delegates?

APTA House of Delegates: A Professional Democracy

  • The House of Delegates is the highest decision-making body of APTA.
  • It acts as a legislative body for the Association. It is analogous to other legislative bodies such as Congress or your state legislature.
  • Each Delegate is responsible for making decisions on issues that may have far-reaching implications for the Association and for the profession of physical therapy.
  • The New Mexico Delegation currently is apportioned with three delegates.

House of Delegates Historic Actions: Advancing the Profession

  • Developed and modified the Code of Ethics.
  • Developed and modified the Mission, Vision and Goals of the Association.
  • Developed professional standards, policies, and positions on multiple practic e-related issues.

House of Delegates Process

  • Main motions are written, discussed and refined throughout the year including immediately before the House begins and are voted on at the House.
  • The Main Motions direct:
    • A course of action (Policy)
    • An Association stance or point of view (Position)
    • A goal the Association wishes to achieve
    • A binding statement used to judge quality of action or activity (Standards)

The APTA Board of Directors is charged with carrying out the actions of the House.

Election of Association Officers, Directors, and Nominating Committee Members

  • Pre-House
    • Submitting names of potential candidates t
    • the Nominating Committee.
    • Reviewing Candidate web pages to learn of their qualifications and views.
  • During the House
    • Candidate Group Interviews
    • Candidate Coffee with more one-on-one contact
    • Voting (Only Delegates can vote)

PTA Caucus

  • The PTA Caucus represents the physical therapist assistants' interests, needs, and issues in APTA governance.
  • The PTA Caucus elects their Chief Delegate and four Delegates at Large, who are the voice of the PTA Caucus during APTA's House of Delegates.
  • The PTA Caucus includes 52 PTA Caucus Representatives who are elected by their chapter (state).

Click here to learn more about the PTA Caucus.

Contact your APTA New Mexico Delegates

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Interested in Being a Delegate?

Serving is an excellent way to promote professional development and leadership.

  • Delegates are elected positions within each chapter (APTA New Mexico).
  • Interview and elect APTA leadership.
  • Make decisions and vote on issues at the annual House of Delegates (HOD).
  • Have the opportunity to represent the concerns and needs of APTA New Mexico.
  • Most important benefit of being a Delegate: Help chart the present and future course of the physical therapy profession.

Please contact the Chief Delegate if you would like to be more involved in the New Mexico delegation to the House of Delegates.